Entry #1

What I did during downtime

2007-07-17 21:22:23 by Penboy

When I opened up Newgrounds yesterday I found 3 tankmen repairing the NG tank. I kinda sat there for a while, like my brain couldn't configure. Then it hit me: Newgrounds was being re-furbished. Joy raced through my entire body. I refreshed the page 3 hours later. Nothing. I tried again a few more hours later. Still nothing. So I went to sleep. When I woke up Newgrounds was all new and shiny.
Excuse me, I'm off to explore.

: In case you were away yesterday here's what I stared at all day.

What I did during downtime


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2007-07-17 21:59:45

It took a while for the tank to get fixed... should have refreshed earlier. Yeah, the new design is awesome!


2007-07-18 00:13:45

That page drove me crazy all of yesterday!

Penboy responds:

Yeah I agree. At first I thought my PC was crackling ^-^


2007-07-19 11:47:24

I remember doing that, scary and yet reassuring all at the same time.


2007-08-05 04:35:12

I was viewing a flash just as it happened, I accidentally closed the newgrounds window, when i went back, I found the men upgradin mah featurz, it scared me..

But then I realised they were doing the long awaited upgrade to this beautiful contraption they call newgrounds.

I was overwhelmed with joy I didn't know what to do with myself.
btw I'm commentin all ur poztz. I'm not gay.


2007-12-02 03:14:42



2008-05-05 17:32:01

lol i kida did the same thing except i was on chat while i wuz waiting...